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 WELCOME! Thank you for your interest in our lash course. Whether you're a lash artist looking to kickstart your career or an experienced professional seeking to refine your skills, our comprehensive training program is designed to meet your needs. Led by Davery Aquino, our course offers hands-on instruction, personalized attention, and invaluable insights into the art and business of lashing. Get ready to embark on an exciting journey of learning and growth in the world of lashes!

The Butterfly Beauty Classic/Volume Course is designed to instruct beginners in the art of Classic and Volume lashing techniques. Classic technique involves the meticulous placement of one lash extension onto a single natural lash, while Volume technique entails creating 3-5 lash extension fans on a single natural eyelash. Upon certification, students acquire invaluable experience, refine their lash skills, and gain access to complimentary refresher courses, student discounts, and ongoing support from our expert educators. Additionally, graduates can explore a diverse range of complimentary online courses offered by our company, such as Teeth Whitening, Brows, Body Sculpting, and more."


Lashing Theory, Lash Application Methods, Eyelash Anatomy and Growth Product and Tool Expertise, Tweezer Practices, Application Techniques , adhesive Polymerization, Preparation Before Appointments, Reactions and Sensitivities, Creating the Perfect Fan, Recommended Fanning Methods, Proper Hygiene and Safety, When Not To Lash, Advanced Lash Styles, Maintaining Healthy Lashes, Aftercare Techniques, Lash Curl, Length and Diameter, Lash Fills, Fan Removal, Client Retention and Pricing, Marketing and Social Media


Our training prioritizes hands-on experience to ensure you're fully prepared to serve clients and establish your lash business confidently. Our aim is for you to exit the class equipped to cater to new clients effectively. With 80% of the training dedicated to hands-on practice, you'll develop the skills and confidence needed to excel in the industry.

• Sponge And Mannequin Practice

• Tweezer Mechanics 
 • Lash process from start to finish. (Techniques, Application, Taping, Correct Lash Selection, Styling, Mapping, Lash Removal.)

• Q & A Tips, Tricks, Do’s and Don’ts

• 2 Live Model Practices ( Full Classic Lash Set & Full Volume Lash Set

• 1-1 Shadowing Sessions after Class is over.

LASH KIT INCLUDES: ( Kit: $300 Value) • Instructional Manual • Brand Adhesive • Brand Lash Remover • 2 Volume Tweezer • 1 Curve Tweezer • 8 Lash Trays • 2 Lash Tile • 2 Tapes • Mascara Wands • Micro brushes • Gel Pads • Fan • Glitter Lip Brushes • Practice Sponge • Mirror • Adhesive rings • Squeeze Bottle • Real Mannequin Head • Lash Certification of Completion


Full payment for the class is required before the day of the class, and please note that there are no refunds available. However, we offer a one-time transfer option, allowing you to move your class date.

Book with a friend and enjoy a $200 discount on the total amount for both of you! If you're on a budget, don't worry – we've got you covered! Our Eyelash Extension Training offers a convenient payment plan. After selecting your preferred date for the training workshop, you can choose to pay in full or opt for a flexible payment plan. We'll send you invoices via email on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis, allowing you to make payments conveniently online or in person. Secure your seat by sending the required deposit, which will be deducted from the total amount. Get ready for an amazing experience!


It's important to know that no license is required to take the class, but we recommend checking your state guidelines and regulations, as they may vary for the courses we provide. On the exam day, if you happen to fail either the practical or written exam, a $100 fee will be necessary for the retake.

Upon successful completion of the exam, students will receive a certificate of completion along with instructions on obtaining the proper licensing. We're here to support you on your journey!


Butterfly Beauty Bar is dedicated to supporting our students beyond the classroom with a range of enticing incentives. We understand that starting your own business after the course can be overwhelming, so we've designed these perks to assist you on your lash journey. All our students receive an exclusive 25% discount on Butterfly Vault Lash Products, a comprehensive collection that includes everything you need for success.

For ongoing learning, refresher courses are available at a generous 50% off for returning Students. After completing our course, certified students are welcome to visit the salon for observation, practice, and shadowing alongside our skilled professionals. You can book up to 2 FREE sessions, and any additional bookings are priced at $65 per day. As part of our community, you'll be invited to a private group chat via Email. This exclusive space brings together everyone from your class and other individuals who have taken our courses. It's a platform for lash techs to support each other, share valuable tips, celebrate progress, and create a sense of camaraderie.

Types of Classes Offered 

1:1 Beginner Lash Course $1850

Group Beginner Lash Course - $1650

Night Lash Course - $1950

Mentoring Course

Returning student- $300

New Student - $600 

Join us in building a community where lash techs help each other thrive!